If you would like to join us, follow the instruction below on the
GDPR_Members Consent Forms

Os hoffech chi ymuno â ni dilynwch y cyfarwyddiadau isod ar y
Ffurflen Caniatâd Aelodau_GDPR

Once you have printed and completed the two forms above, please return by Gmail:

Ar ôl i chi argraffu a chwblhau’r ddwy ffurflen isod, dychwelwch drwy’r Gmail:

Thank you for giving us 2 minutes of your time and filling in this
GDPR_Members Consent Forms

Membership Subscription £20.00 payable from 1st Sept 2023.

Diolch i chi am roi 2 funud [i chi] o’ch amser a llenwi hwn
Ffurflen Caniatâd Aelodau_GDPR

Aelodaeth Tanysgrifiad £20.00 yn daladwy o’r 1af o Fedi 2023.

Please can you speak to Mr Alan Davies Treasurer (Trysorydd)
if you would like to be a member or ask anything to do with the membership fees. Thank you

A wnewch chi siarad â Mr Alan Davies Trysorydd (Treasurer) os hoffech chi fod yn aelod neu ofyn rhywbeth yn ymwneud â’r ffi aelodaeth diolch yn fawr

Membership Card

Once you have printed page 1 and 4 just turn the printed side over and put the paper back in to the printer. Change the download to the second page 2 and 3 printed again to complete.

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